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mod post: hiatus

Sorry for disappearing there for a bit. With the end of the semester and work I was really busy. But anyways, unfortunately only two people entered the last round which isn't really enough for voting :(
I am so appreciative to _nisa_ and ladyhadhafang for entering! If you two would like me to post voting I will.

Participation has been extremely low recently and my next (and last \o/) semester at uni is going to be super busy, so I have decided to put the comm on hiatus. At least till June. Hopefully with the new movies coming out in a couple years interest will pick back up for the Star Wars fandom. And I will be more than happy to continue running this comm :)

I wish everyone happy holidays!
dw - amy/rory.blend


This is your last reminder! Your sets are due tomorrow (9th) at midnight your time.
Please let me know if you are unable to enter.

We still need entries from the following:
always_hope | lealila

Sign ups remain open throughout the challenge, if you are interested [LINK]